Defense & Aerospace Agencies Briefing

Defense & Aerospace Agencies Briefing

  • $2,595.00

Teal Group's Defense & Aerospace Agencies Briefing is an information service that traces and analyzes the activities of nearly 40 US government agencies, facilities, and other contracting offices that annually dispense billions of aerospace and defense dollars to industry for RDT&E, Procurement, and Services. Defense & Aerospace Agencies Briefing reports are designed to help your company pursue its fair share of the market. Reports cover agency mission and capabilities, funding forecasts, program involvement, contract listings, and points of contact.

To be included in this service, an agency must be involved in either the research and development, procurement or service fields, and annually spend a major portion of its budget in the form of prime contract awards. Each agency has an individual report that is periodically updated to reflect the most recent activities. Reports are added to the service when new players emerge; conversely, an agency's report is removed when it drops out of the market or considerably lessens its involvement in the segment.

Also included are appendixes that give summary information on prime contract awards, including a directory of program managers and other key government contacts, an outline of company involvement by Program Elements and a listing of the past year's major prime contracting activity.


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