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Market Overview: World Rotorcraft

Market Overview: World Rotorcraft

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Briefing Series: World Military & Civil Aircraft Briefing 
Issue Date: July 2023

This overview aims to provide a comprehensive look at the players and markets in the world rotorcraft industry. It covers all turbine-powered machines, including helicopters and tiltrotors.

Our numbers cover all models built in open market producer countries, including remanufactured machines, but our discussion covers Chinese, East European and ex-Soviet models inasmuch as they compete with the Western designs. A few helicopters built under license by smaller companies are included in the production numbers, which slightly inflates the big Western primes’ market standing.

This overview is divided into four parts. The first covers rotorcraft manufacturers, and other broad market issues. Next is our overview of the US and international military markets, followed by our look at the civil market. Last is our usual quantitative forecast of the market.

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