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World Power Systems Briefing: Aero Gas Turbines

World Power Systems Briefing: Aero Gas Turbines

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Teal Group's World Power Systems Briefing (Aero) is a monthly updated information service consisting of reports that track the status and outlook of the aero gas turbine industry's expanding role in worldwide programs through comprehensive overviews and forecasts. More than 200 individual programs are covered.

The market overviews contain insights on the turbofan, turboprop, turbojet, turbo shaft and aero APU markets, with detailed annual summaries and 10-year market forecasts. The company overviews offer an exclusive look at the major players in the aero turbine business from a unique company-wide perspective. The program reports allow you to study exhaustive background information, competitive analyses, specifications, program breakdowns and 10-year production forecasts on a full range of turbine programs.

Also included with this service are appendices that present detailed specifications, military contract information and a convenient turbine/aircraft cross-referencing guide

This product is available in combo with World Power Systems Briefing: Industrial & Marine Gas Turbines.

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