Individual Company Reports F-O

  • $400.00

Purchase individual company reports from the Defense & Aerospace Companies Briefing Series, which focuses on US and major foreign companies, including major aerospace and defense prime contractors and subcontractors. Specific sectors covered include aircraft, space, ground systems, engines, missiles, avionics, shipbuilding, training, defense electronics, munitions and defense electronics. Each company's strategy and performance is analyzed with strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats outlined. Separate sections outline acquisitions, contracts, exports and the corporate structure.


Available Reports and Issue Dates

NOV 2016
JUN 2017
FEB 2017
MAY 2018
APR 2018
SEP 2016
OCT 2017
DEC 2017
APR 2018     
MAR 2018   
SEP 2016
SEP 2017
AUG 2017
AUG 2017
General Dynamics Corp. (USA)
General Electric Co. (USA)
Harris Corp. (USA)
Honeywell International Inc. (USA)
Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd. (Israel)
Kaman Corp. (USA)
Leidos (USA)
Leonardo (Italy)
Lockheed Martin Corp. (USA)
The MITRE Corp. (USA)
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Co. Ltd. (Japan)
Nexter Group (France)
Northrop Grumman Corp. (USA)
Orbital ATK Inc. (USA)


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