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Market Overview: Fighter/Attack Aircraft

Market Overview: Fighter/Attack Aircraft

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Briefing Series: World Military & Civil Aircraft Briefing 
Issue Date: June 2023

Our overview covers all combat aircraft over 20,000 lbs maximum take-off weight (all supersonic planes plus the AV-8B/Harrier). Russian planes are included in the statistical part of the overview, but Chinese planes are not.

The written part of this overview is divided into six sections. The first two are summaries — one summarizes this study’s findings, while the second looks at the big issues confronting the market. The third section looks at general fighter market trends. The fourth looks at companies that build fighters. The fifth looks at the US market. Finally, we look at export demand, with coverage of target markets for aircraft built in the US and Europe. This is followed by our three-part quantitative forecast of the market.

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