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Managing in today's consolidated aerospace and defense industries means overseeing more objectives with fewer resources in less time than ever before. You're stretched to the limit in a technology-driven business where competitive advantage doesn't last long. But all too often, immediate crisis can pull the team away from critical forecasting and planning tasks required to make financial and strategic commitments. Without the luxury of a dedicated research staff at hand, projects can languish and opportunities can be lost.

Teal Group Custom Research Can Help

When you call on us for your special intelligence needs, you're tapping into the industry's most up-to-date and complete aerospace and defense industry resource. For more than 30 years, Teal Group analysts have built a reputation for obtaining, assessing and reporting critical market data before and more completely than any other single organization. Our proprietary databases contain vast amounts of exclusive business information, technical specifications and market statistics on commercial aircraft, power systems, space technology, military programs and the companies and governments that own and operate them. In less time than it can take to define the scope and methodology of an internal report, you can have the results of a professionally researched and executed study on your desk with the information you need to make critical business decisions.

Reports Drawn From Information, Not Speculation

Teal Group analysts distill an immense amount of information from thousands of publicly available aerospace and defense resources worldwide. This commitment to "open source intelligence" techniques assures you of the most accurate production and market forecasts available.

The Intellect Behind the Intelligence

Teal Group analysts, researchers and consultants bring an unparalleled depth of knowledge and perspective to their work. By adding this invaluable intellectual resource to your team, you gain the information you need to make sound business decisions quickly and more cost-effectively.

Forecasts Based on In-depth Market Analysis

Teal Group Custom Research can provide reliable forecasts of market trends, enabling you to plan ahead for as-yet-unforeseen competitive and market pressures.

  • Research Areas

    • Acquisition Targeting
    • Acquisition Due Diligence
    • Competitive Analysis
    • Long-Term Strategic Planning
    • Market Analysis and Forecasting
    • Market Portfolio Management
    • Pricing & Bidding Strategy
    • Sales & Business Development Support
    • Strategic Partnering

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UAV Market Assessment

A major defense contractor was interested in pursuing an upcoming bid for a new UAV platform. As part of its effort to submit a highly competitive proposal, the defense contractor needed a comprehensive, independent assessment of the market for UAVs, with a clear understanding of past procurements and evolving platform capabilities.

Given its client's requirements, Teal conducted a thorough review of past DOD UAV procurement programs, including: platform specifications, competitive environment, key award factors, teaming arrangements, cost structure and winning bidder. The second phase of the study applied these findings against the upcoming procurement and made tactical recommendations that were incorporated into the client's bid submission. A full report, including conclusions and recommendations, was provided to the client.

Due Diligence Support

A private equity firm interested in making an acquisition of a European subsystems manufacturer needed support in evaluating the target company's current competitive position and its growth prospects.

Teal Group provided a comprehensive report of its assessment of the target firm's market prospects program by program, its technology, and its overall strategic direction. It provided a revenue forecast for the company's major programs and analyzed pricing pressures. The report examined the target company's technological strengths and weaknesses and the defensibility of the strengths. It examined potential problems stemming from the split of the business from its parent company. The report was used as a basis for the acquisition of the business.

New Business Jet Assessment

A commercial aircraft manufacturer needed an independent evaluation of the market potential for a new business jet.

Teal was asked to conduct an investigation and analysis of the business jet market, currently available aircraft, key performance criteria and customer requirements over the next twenty years. All factors associated with launching a new business aircraft were to be assessed. This included desired technical features of the new business jet, the potential competitive landscape, a market demand forecast, and an assessment of the necessary capabilities for an OEM to make the plane a success. A detailed report with forecasts was delivered to the client.